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My alienation, my fascination with the planets
My life which has been formed/deformed and influenced by the presence of Mars.
The ancient Greek God of war.

A sense of strangeness resides within me. Reasons change from city to city.
Labels vary. The abstract truth remains in an indefinite exile,
without a land and without a place to call home.

Huda Asfour, Oud and Vocals
Kinan Azmeh, Clarinet
Nadim Khoury, Buzuq
John Hadfield, Percussion
Kris Funn, Contrabass

All compositions are by Huda Asfour.
Loure: based on a folk tune rearranged
also rearranged The Rahbani Brothers (Lebanon) in the play “Mays Al-Reem” (1975).
Recorded and mixed by Frank Marchand @ Airshow Takoma Park Recording Facility
Additional mixing by Charlie Pilzer
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer @ Airshow Takoma Park , MD , USA

Produced by Huda Asfour
Co-producer: Frank Marchand and Charlie Pilzer
Graphic design: Ahmed Foula

تسجيل ومكساج : فرانك مرشند
مكساج إضافي: شارلي بيلزر
انتاج هدى عصفور
مساعد انتاج: فرانك مرشند و شارلي بيلزر
ماستر: شارلي بيلزر

تصميم الغلاف: أحمد فولة

تم التسجيل في استوديو “اير شو” تكوما بارك , الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

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