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About the project

Huda Asfour and Aly Eissa, two oud players and composers, meet just to improvise through the resonant and the dissonant trips of music

**عن المشروع**

في تجربة ارتجالية بين التوافق والتنافر، يلتقي المؤلفان وعازفا العود هدى عصفور وعلي عيسى في عرض ثنائي لهما.

About Aly Eissa

A dentist by education and profession, Aly Eissa has been pursuing his passion for composing and playing music his whole life. He started learning to play the Oud in 2007. In 2012, Eissa performed his original compositions live for the first time. Since then, he has collaborated with tens of musicians in the independent music scene in Cairo, regularly performing Aly Eissa Ensemble. As an Oud virtuoso, he was mentored by the legendary Abdo Dagher and Hazem Shahin.

Featuring his diverse musical influences, Eissa’s compositions create versatile and meditative atmospheres throughout the musical experience.

Instagram @alyeissamusic

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