Huda Asfour Interviewed by Youssra El Hawary

The interview debuts on Thursday 21 January 2020 at 10 pm Cairo Local time (GMT +2). In the interview, Asfour shares her story with music, her passion and her journey as a musician and a professional. During the show, Huda plays music from her most recent instrumental music project Dawayer, combining live oud playing with looping techniques. The interview is part of season 3 of the popular show A3det Mazika presented by Singer, songwriter and accordionist Youssra El Hawary on Nogoom FM Radio. The show can be viewed through Nogoom FM mobile app or website. All music played during that show will be available exclusively on Deezer and Nogoom FM’s Youtube Channel.

Improvisation Workshops
at Jesuits Culture Center in Alexandria

With an Artist grant from Mophradat, Huda Asfour’s current research is focused on improvisational skills and gestures within Eastern music aesthetics. Her work within this project in Egypt started with AlDarb AlAhmar Arts School and continued with a two-phase workshop at Jesuits Culture Center.

The training centres on deep listening, trust-building, and safe communication as essential skills for improvising.

The teaching of this workshop builds upon using gestures to communicate with a group of improvisers, also known as conduction. The idea was first developed by Butch Morris (1947 -2013), an American based cornetist, composer, and known conductor. In simple terms, the collection of gestures creates a vocabulary through which the conductor can communicate form, dynamics, and arrangements to the instrumentalists who will have the freedom to play the content.

The first phase of the workshop was held from December 2 to 9, 2020, while the second phase is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Huda Asfour Interviewed by Youssra El Hawary Improvisation Workshops