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To all the women who have shaped my life in visible and invisible ways
إلا كل اللواتي شكلنا حياتي بطرق بشكل مباشر او غير مباشر

About "Kouni (Be)" كوني

"Kouni" (Be), Huda’s second studio album, is a work that resists categorization. It’s an album that thrives on the contradictions, complexity, and complementarity of Huda’s identity and her musical and life experiences. Huda is a storyteller, and every song in this album tells the story of the musical genres that have come to shape Huda’s personality and musical influences. In Kouni you will listen to reinterpretations of folk songs from Iraq and Tunisia, a reinterpretation of a song by her Aunt Salwa Jarrah, of a poem by Palestinian icon Mahmoud Darwish. You will also hear original compositions that are a study of love that transcends imposed definitions, borders, and bodies. Huda also blends vocals with classical and jazz-inspired string and brass arrangements, and rhythms from a broad range of styles that marry the nostalgic with the experimental, the rebellious with the subtle."

Album Credits

Participating musicians:
Asha Santee (Drums) Tracks 1, 2, 4, 8 & 9
Tyler Leak (Drums) Tracks 5 & 7
Ayman Mabrouk (Percussion) Tracks 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 &9
Derek Bond (Electric Bass) Tracks 1, 2, 4,6, 8 & 9
Jon Steele (Upright Bass) Tracks 5 & 7
Strings section Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 8
Alex Cox and Amanda Melara (Cellos)
Rochelle Carpenter and Melanie Fallow (Violins)
String arrangements: Ethan Balis
Brass Section Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 6
Thad Wilson (Trumpet)
Reginald Cyntje (Trombone)
Elijah Easton (Tenor Saxophone)
Brass arrangements: Thad Wilson

Back up vocals Sitali Siyolwe (Track 8)

Oud & Vocals by Huda Asfour
All strings and Track 04 were recorded at Hutson Studios, Annapolis MD
Recording Engineer Frank Marchand
Percussions were recorded at Dream Studio, Cairo, Egypt
All other tracks recorded at Tonal Studio, Takoma Park, MD.
Recording and Mixing: Don Godwin
Mastering: Charlie Pilzer
Producer: Huda Asfour
Co-Producer: Sitali Siyolwe


With heartfelt thanks to my beautiful DC community, including those who believed in this project, provided feedback, logistical support, inspiration, and the much-needed moral support. I would also like to specifically thank Diana Salman for all the hours of listening and feedback; Nancy Mounir and Ren Gaffney for your insights and for being my sounding board in the early and crucial stages of this project; my beloved mother for her support; Sitali Siyolwe for his indispensable help with production; and to the many more friends who contributed to this album in myriad ways that cannot be adequately captured here. I love you all.

Supported by a grant from the Arab Fund For Arts and Culture بدعم من آفاق

اود ان اشكر كل من آمن بهذا العمل وافادنا برأيه وقدم لنا الدعم المعنوي واللوجيستيي. أود ان أشكر بشكل خاص ديانا سلمان للاستماع لهذا العمل لساعات مطولة وحضور التدريبات وتقديم النقد البناء وشكر جزيل لأمي الحبيبة والغالية لدعمها المتواصل وإيمانها بهذا العمل كما وأتقدم بالشكر لسيتالي سيولوي لمساهمته في انتاج هذا العمل والتشجيع المستمر لإتمام هذا الألبوم

وأود ان أتقدم أيضا بالشكر الى كل الكفاءات التي ساهمت في هذا العمل وعملت بشكل جدي ومستمر والذي بدونهم ما كان هذا الألبوم ان يرى النور. خالص محبتي

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Kouni كوني
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CounterImprov (Live @Room)
A3det Mazika قعدة مزيكا
Kouni كوني
Mars جاي ورايحة
Encore EP
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