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About Donia Jarrar

Dr. Donia Jarrar (she/her) is a Los Angeles-based Arab and Muslim-American composer, pianist, producer, and interdisciplinary artist working across the fields of contemporary music, film, dance, theater and installation art. Her music spans the genres of classical, electronic, experimental and chamber pop, with improvisation as a key element of her performance practice. Born to a Palestinian father and an Egyptian mother, who grew up between Kuwait, Egypt, the West Bank, and the United States, her personal experiences have strongly shaped her compositional voice, leading her to explore themes of intergenerational memory, trauma, identity, exile, displacement, and cultural narrative in her work. She ties these themes into her communal work and at the start of 2020 launched Muslim Witch, an independent collective and label releasing the work of women of Muslim heritage and QTBIPOC artists of LA.

Find out more about her work at http://www.doniajarrar.net/

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